Brokerage Logistics With California Overland Solutions, Ltd.

Take advantage of all the benefits of working with California Overland but with even more options available to you for the transport of your freight! California Overland Solutions works with a network of trusted carriers across the nation to guarantee you complete and quality service. Our talented brokerage logistics team manages the entire shipping process from pickup to delivery. We will transport your cargo where you need it, when you need it and handle all the details in between for your ultimate peace of mind. We offer a range of shipping speed and pricing options to get you competitive rates while maintaining top-quality service.

Designated Shipping Manager

When you use California Overland Solutions, a team member is assigned directly to you to manage all your shipping needs. From start to finish, your shipping manager will walk you through all the options for your freight and keep you informed as your shipments are picked up and delivered. This personal care gives you all the benefits of hiring an independent shipping manager but at a fraction of the cost!

24-Hour Tracking

Continuous tracking is provided for all your shipments. You’ll receive regular updates on your shipments as well as delivery confirmations and details.

Standard and Expedited Freight

Let us know your timeline and your designated shipping manager will provide you with all your options for both standard and expedited deliveries.