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California Overland, Ltd. Family Owned and Operated
“Big enough to do the job, small enough to truly care.”

California Overland started in 2001 but its roots go much deeper. In fact, the Meyer family has been in trucking since 1925, back when trucks were still new on the road. It all started with Great Grandfather Lloyd Meyer who founded Meyer’s Transfer with the simple mission of transferring livestock to the South Saint Paul Stockyards. The railroad’s service was slow, and the weight loss of the livestock enroute was unacceptable. Lloyd knew there was a more efficient and profitable way. In 1925, Llyod bought his first truck and began transporting livestock under the name Meyer’s Transfer. Lloyd married Anna and moved to Theilman where they raised 8 children. In 1950, two of his sons, George and Bud, took over the livestock and general freight business and formed Meyer Bros. Transfer. During this time, they had a small shop in Theilman and worked on their equipment on main street until 1971. They later branched into bulk flour, which was under the Tennant & Hoyt Company, Lake City, MN and refrigerated goods. Russ came off the road to work for them in 1977.

In 1981 Bud purchased the company and incorporated it. The new Company was called Bud Meyer Truck Lines, INC. Bud stayed on the road and Russ became President/CEO. At that time, they had 13 trucks hauling bulk flour and 5 refrigerated trucks. Bud Meyer Truck Lines, INC. filed for authority in 1981 and within a year they had over 100 trucks on the road. By 1997 Bud Meyer sold to Covenant Transport at that time they had grown to over 328 power units.

In September 2001, California Overland was formed with one truck which had Russ back in the saddle driving. Russell’s son Dusty came on in 2002 and became an integral part of the company and helped it to grow to its current size of over 145 trucks that are state of the art, clean and well maintained.

California Overland is very fortunate to secure a talented and hardworking staff, coupled with a fleet of tractors and trailers that are driven by truly professional drivers that we are proud of, and our strong safety record and customer service levels reflect that. This company focuses on pride and that solves many issues that seem to plague the transportation industry.


Meyer’s Transfer was started by Great Grandfather Lloyd Meyer

1950 Lloyd’s sons George and Bud take over the livestock and freight business, forming Meyer Bros. Transfer


Russ begins working in the family business. The business transitioned to Tennant & Hoyt Company.

Meyer Transfer sells refrigerated trucks and began to take on major national accounts


Bud Meyer Truck Lines is incorporated with 18 trucks. Russ Meyer becomes President & CEO and has 100 trucks on the road in one year.

Bud Meyer Truck Lines is sold with over 328 power units to Covenant Transport.


California Overland was formed with one truck, with Russ back in the saddle driving.

Russ’s son Dusty joins the company, becoming an integral part of the growth. Currently over 145 state-of-the-art, clean and well-maintained trucks.


Currently over 145 state-of-the-art, clean and well-maintained trucks in our refrigerated and tanker division.

Lloyd Meyer

Bud Meyer

Russ Meyer with California Overland’s First Truck